Self-Serve Car Wash
At Eco Lube Express, we have three brand new state of the art Self Serve Car Wash Bays featuring the best equipment & technology in the industry, Hydro-Spray.

Our Self Serve Car Wash Bays are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making this a popular option for oversized vehicles & car enthusiasts who personally enjoy washing their own vehicle. A Vending Area that includes a Change Machine, Armor All Wipes, Little Tree Air Fresheners, & Glass Wipes are easily accessible from our bays and Eight Self Serve Vacuums are waiting for your personal interior service.

Ready To Wash with Eco? Then come down and check out why we are the best, as Cash, Coin, & Credit are all valid payment options at our easy-to-use car wash facility.
Washing Options
Low Pressure
Tire Cleaner
Got mud on your tires? Dirt from the road? Brake Dust on your wheels? Our low pressure tire cleaner is the answer for you. This option is one of our best as it soaks your tires and wheels down with a fast-acting, heavy duty degreaser that gives your wheels and tires the ultimate shine.
Directions: For best results, hold wand 1" from tire.
Low Pressure
The best and proper way to start a Self Serve Car Wash is with a PreSoak. It's a fast acting, hyper concentrated cleaner and luxurious foaming detergent that removes heavy road film from the vehicle leaving a brilliant and delightful luster to vehicle surfaces.
Directions: Apply to the entire car from top to bottom before high pressure wash.
High Pressure Soap
Our High Pressure Soap is a hyper-concentrated, high-pressure, high-foaming cleaner that aggressively attacks tough road film and oils. This is the most vital part of the car wash, as this process eliminates all the dirt from your vehicle.
Directions: Soak the vehicle from top to bottom.
Our Foamy Brush was carefully constructed with hogs hair to give you maximum durability as well as being very soft and safe on your vehicles finish. With the soap foaming throughout the entire brush, this gives you the ultimate tool to obtain a perfectly clean car.
Directions: Check brush for cleanliness. Brush vehicle thoroughly.
High Pressure Rinse
All finished cleaning & soaping up your car? Now use the 1200PSI High Pressure Rinse system which ensures a complete wash down of your vehicle and leaves a long lasting radiant shine.
Directions: Rinse vehicle from top to bottom.
High Pressure Wax
High Pressure Wax is a hyper-concentrated, total body protectant that will continue to improve your vehicles appearance. It also helps repel stubborn road film & fills minor scratches, leaving a smooth looking vehicle surface with a high gloss shine.
Directions: Wax vehicle from top to bottom.
Want to enhance & protect your vehicles paint & finish? Foam Polish is a premium polish with high quality brighteners giving your vehicle to ultimate protection against road dirt and grime while giving your paint an impressive shine.
Directions: Check brush for cleanliness. Brush vehicle thoroughly.
Bug and 
Got bugs on your vehicle from that long road trip? Tar from the road splattered alongside your quarter-panels? The Bug & Tar remover will break down their sticky adhesives so your paint can get back to its original shine. It's perfectly Safe for use on metal, paint, plastic, and glass & it's Non-drip formula provides total control for precision spot cleaning.
Directions: Remove wand and apply bug and tar remover to surface.
Ever See A Blower System in a Self Serve Car Wash? Well We Got The BEST One! Blasto-Dry is the superior way to dry cars in the self-service car wash industry, as it's a Hi-Performance air tool that quickly strips the water off your vehicle. It's unique nozzle design quickly and completely strips water from all surfaces - panels, windows, grills, wheels and trim. Wash customers love this easy-to use service as it eliminates the hassle of towel drying.
Directions: Remove wand from holder. Press power button and blow water off surface with a slight angle.
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Other Services and Offers
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Eco Lube Express' is a hub for oil change services. From conventional oil to extended performance, we offer everything in between.
Auto Service
Mechanics are on site during all business hours to provide a wide range of auto vehicle services. We are trained to provide the best value. 
Offers and Specials
Save more than just the environment at Eco Lube Express. Treat you and your car with savings at Eco Lube Express this season.
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