Motor Oils
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Eco Power Motor Oil is recycled and refined from reclaimed motor oil so it's the perfect choice to protect both your engine and the environment. It's the main reason why it is used by some of the largest commercial fleets and US combat vehicles around the world.

Here are some great facts about why EcoPower motor oil is the perfect choice:

• It meets/exceeds the toughest North American standards for engine protection.

• It takes up to 85% less energy to produce EcoPower! This process transforms motor oil into a renewable resource and helps keep oil where it belongs - in vehicles and out of the environment.

• Just one gallon of EcoPower motor oil produces the same amount of engine oil as 42 gallons of crude, making EcoPower a truly exceptional green option.

Eco Lube Express is a proud EcoPower Authorized Dealer.
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Mobil 1 is the world's leading synthetic motor oil brand, as many automakers choose it for factory fill, it's used in more then half of all the NASCAR teams, and it has received more automaker and industry approvals then any other brand!

Mobil 1 offers outstanding performance in:

• Powerful Wear Protection - as proven in on-the-road and on-the-track stress tests conducted by Porsche, one of the world's leading race car manufacturers.

• Superb Cleanliness, as proven in Mercedes Million Kilometer test, which simulates real world driving to measure sludge and deposit formation in which engineers find the engine using Mobil 1 still looking like new.

• High Temp Performance, as proven in the brutal heat and stop-and-go driving of the Las Vegas strip, in taxis that run 24 hours per day.

• Cold Weather Startup, as proven in extreme cold temperatures like those in the Arctic Circle, where engine oil performance, especially at startup, can be a matter of life or death.

Eco Lube Express is a proud carrier of Mobil 1
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Oil Change Services
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Cartridge filters and any vehicle over 5 quarts is an additional charge.
Maintenance Checklist
All Oil Change Services comes with a free maintenance check.
 The 14-point maintenance checklist is listed below. Please notify us if you would like to opt out of this service.
 • Brake Lights
 • Battery
 • Cabin Filter
 • Air Filter
 • Tire Pressure
 • Headlights
 Wiper Blades
 • Leaks and Damages
 • Brake Fluid
 • Washer Fluid
 • Power Steering Fluid
 • Transmission Fluid
 • Belts and Hoses
 Wiper Coolant
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