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    (Conventional Oil)
    Our Full Service oil change is anything but a basic oil change. Adding a high quality conventional oil to your motor along with our 14 point maintenance checklist, we guarantee everything under your hood is covered. Also, did we mention you get a FREE Car Wash with every oil change purchase? Yea, we got you covered.

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    (Dexos Licensed & Approved)
    Want to protect both your engine and the environment? Then the answer for you is ECO POWER MOTOR OIL! Compared to conventional motor oil, it takes up to 85% less energy to produce Eco Power and its proven to meet or exceed North American standards for engine protection. Eco Power is relied on by the US Armed Forces combat vehicles around the world! If it's tough enough for these demanding conditions, its tough enough for your vehicle.

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    Synthetic Blend &
    High Mileage

    Whether you are driving a high-output engine, making frequent trips, or simply looking for advanced protection in your high mileage vehicle, you will get the advanced performance you need from a synthetic blend motor oil. We carry top brands in synthetic blend motor oil such as Kendall & Eco Power.

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    Do you want the world's #1 rated motor oil in your engine? MOBIL 1 is the answer. Pure synthetic oil is the ultimate protection for your motor against wear and tear, high heat, cold weather, & sludge buildup. MOBIL 1 is used in more than half the NASCAR teams, many automakers choose it for factory fill and it has received more automaker & industry approvals then any other brand. We also carry top names Kendall & Castrol.

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Oil Change

When is it needed? & Why Eco Lube Express?

In order to properly maintain your vehicle, we recommend an oil change and preventive maintenance inspection every 3,000 miles, or when your vehicle manufacturer recommends you do so. At Eco Lube Express, we provide more than just an oil change. Our premium full service oil change is a comprehensive preventive maintenance inspection which helps maintain the performance and health of your vehicle. We also offer our customers peace of mind, as you can personally watch your vehicle being serviced in real time on our 40 inch monitor located right in our comfortable waiting area, which includes Free Wi-Fi for the hard worker on-the-go and Free Cable Television for the person who just needs a short break during their busy day. Come visit us for an oil change experience like no other, only at Eco Lube Express.